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The article is based on a research study outlining methods of self-regulating learning in the classroom environment. It focuses on factors such as goal-setting, planning, motivation, self-monitoring, self-evaluation, attention and help-seeking that can effectively improve students' academic performance without much probing from teachers and parents. Students can use the strategies to track their own performance and ensure success in school. These strategies are also explained and taught at Learning Minds to increase student's involvement in their learning and increase student's interest towards their success.

We tend to reserve reading aloud for kids or others who can't read on their own. But beloved children's book author Kate DiCamillo thinks the practice offers a special opportunity for people to connect. She offers her humble opinion on the universal and age-defying magic of listening to a shared story.

Kate DiCamillo:

Neuroscience has found a clear relationship between music and language acquisition. Put simply, learning music in the early years of schooling can help children learn to read.

Music, language and the brain

Parents worry about whether their teenagers are getting enough sleep. Research studies suggest that teenagers are suffering an “epidemic of sleep deprivation” globally — one that will have long-term health impacts.

So how much sleep do adolescents really need and how can parents help them achieve it?

The first thing to understand is that teenagers are still

Inside a handful of public kindergartens in Sweden, toys are never divided into traditional gender camps. Dolls and baby strollers mingle freely with cars and wooden blocks. In posters, dump trucks haul around beaded jewelry, a bionic robot wears a tutu, and it’s not a female or male Barbie who does the dishes—that’s left to a skeleton.


The article explains the affect of students' surrounding on their learning and behavior. The article analyzes the influence of one's social interaction on one's personality, behavior,


The article, taken from an educational psychology textbook, outlines strategies that can be used to improve students' memory and comprehension of academic material. It also provides methods to increase learner's attention


The article provides detailed description of the cognitive learning theory and its proponents. It describes the work of various psychologists and their collective research which lead to the development

The research study provides a classification scheme to evaluate learning outcomes. The study recommends different strategies of evaluation to ensure a particular learning outcome. It steers clear of conventional


The research performed by Carol Dwett and Ellen Legget, on behalf of Harvard University and University of Illinois, identifies factors that determine the development of motivation in learners.